TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Matthew 8:5-13

Life is not fair. Deep down inside though, we feel that life should be fair. We look around and see that some people have huge advantages over others. Some men or women are given better economic circumstances, some are blessed with stronger family dynamics, and others seem rewarded with a head start. It seems that some people are born on third base while others are watching the game from behind the outfield fence. It all seems tragically unfair.

This sense of fairness can cause people to make excuses in matters of faith. People will remark: “If my parents were more committed then I would…,” “If my wife would come with me to church then I would…,” “If I were married then I would…,” “If I did not have to work so hard than I would….” Often we excuse ourselves from really developing a dynamic faith in the Lord.

The story of the centurion who approaches Jesus about healing his servant is a powerful demonstration of overcoming unfairness because he has great faith. A centurion would have been an extremely well-trained killer in the Roman military. The majority of his life would have been infused with cold-hearted bloodshed. He would have seen some of the most despicable acts of violence known to humankind, but this does not stop him from coming to Jesus to ask for compassion for his servant. Often servants are seen as mere possessions, but this Roman official has a tender heart. He sees death, but he does not become calloused to death. Here is a man who has a pagan background, is a trained killer, and is high ranking in the military. All of this could be an excuse for never even approaching Christ with a request for a miracle. But he does so. Jesus honors this man by stating, “With no one in Israel have I found such faith.” What an amazing statement! Not one single Jew, not one Pharisee, not even one of the disciples has a faith as strong as this man’s trust in the Lord.

One does not need a perfect life to develop a great faith. All mankind needs is the desire to pursue Jesus with all of one’s heart, mind, body, and soul.

Today, I will…own my faith. I will stop making excuses and start taking action to strengthen my faith in God.