TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Romans 1:16-17

The culture has conned Christians into keeping one’s faith quiet. America is an individualistic country. We pride ourselves on “doing it ourselves.” We praise the “selfmade man.” There seems to be some great boast about overcoming the obstacles through one’s own self will and determination. The culture has also conned us into making our faith “a personal conviction.” You can believe in Christ, but please do not share your faith with me. This is diametrically opposed to the system of faith in the Bible.

Paul notes in Romans 1:17 that faith is communicated “from faith to faith.” Faith spreads through sharing your faith with another person who becomes a Christian and that person shares her faith with the next person. It is a never-ending causality chain on earth. People share the faith with one another.

God desires us to share the faith. Children need to be watching grandparents living out the faith. Teenagers need to be watching the elders living out the faith. The world needs to be watching the church living out the faith. Instead of hiding the light of Christ under a basket, Christians must be shining that light throughout the world. This does not mean that “you are in people’s faces about faith,” but it does mean that those who know you know that you are a Christian. These people might not appreciate your faith, but if there is ever a spiritual need, you could only hope that these people will come to you with questions about God. This opens the divine door to explain to them the “faith once delivered.”

Today, I will…look for an opportunity to talk about my faith in public.