TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Joshua 24:14-15

The book of Joshua closes with three assemblies of the people of God (Joshua 22:1; 23:2; 24:1). In the final assembly, Joshua opens with a review of Israel’s covenant history, emphasizing God’s gracious provision and protection (Joshua 24:1-13). In verses 14-15, Joshua presses the demand for Israel’s exclusive commitment to God. After all, fidelity to the Lord is but the natural response to His abundant goodness. Whatever may be the case with Israel at large, Joshua understands the logic and takes his stand: “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15b).

On this occasion, it is interesting to note that this covenant renewal is not established with the leader of the Israelites committing the whole nation or even with one tribal leader committing a whole tribe. The sacred pact is to be concluded family by family, and the father of each household remains responsible for acquainting his children with its provisions (See Deuteronomy 6:4-9). Joshua, a father consecrated to God, consecrates his family to God.

Imagine what this world would be like if every father consecrated himself to God. Imagine if every father denounced whatever idols he’d been serving and committed himself exclusively to the Lord. I’m not naïve. If this were to occur, I don’t think we would necessarily be living in utopia, but earth would certainly be more like Heaven than it is now. Without question, this world is in desperate need of fathers who love and fear God and who teach and encourage their families to do the same.

Today, I will…pray for fathers everywhere, petitioning God to strengthen those who are devoted to Him and to provide an open door to influence and convert those who are not.