Whether you are a child of the 1960s or a millennial, you no doubt have heard the words, “To boldly go where no man has gone before…” This introductory text was spoken at the beginning of many Star Trek television episodes and films from 1966 onward. The Starship Enterprise was on a five-year mission, heading into the far reaches of space (fiction) and would require boldness. Without argument, evangelism is the most difficult ministry within the church. It challenges us to go into what for most of us is uncharted space. The answer to our timidity in sharing the good news is what I call “fifteen seconds of boldness,” where a person sucks it up, steps out of his or her comfort zone, and goes where most are afraid to go.

One the greatest soul winners in the congregation I attend is not one of our ministers, elders, or someone you would think. No, our most effective soul winner is young woman in her early 20’s who steadily reaches out to the lost and enlists others to help her bring people to the Lord. What is her secret? Is she more talented, knowledgeable of the Scriptures, or even more spiritual? No! What is it that makes her a soul winner extraordinaire? Boldness! She truly practices fifteen seconds of boldness and will ask a person within her sphere of influence or even a complete stranger if they are a Christian and, if so, how did they become one and she goes from there. This young woman is a first class soul winner because she “boldly goes” and confronts souls that no one has gone to before. She has taken the boldness of our Master and made it her own.

Today, I will… suck it up, step out of my comfort zone for Jesus’ sake and the lost, and practice fifteen seconds of boldness and ask someone, “How are you and the Lord are doing?”