Have you ever made a mistake? How big a mistake was it? How did you handle it? In 1986 the Boston Red Sox were playing the New York Mets in the World Series. The Red Sox were one strike away from being the world champions when Mookie Wilson came up to bat. Mookie hit a routine ground ball to first base, and all that needed to happen was for the sure-handed, 20-plus-year veteran, former Gold Glove winner, and former MVP Bill Buckner to field the ground ball and step on first base and the game is over. Then the unthinkable happens: Bill Buckner missed the ball as it passed between his legs. The Mets went on to win Game 6, Game 7, and the World Series, and many blamed Buckner. Buckner’s error was on national television for all to see.

King David commits an error much greater than missing a ground ball in the World Series. He commits adultery, murders, lies, and brings other people into his sins. Instead of his error being on a national stage, it is mostly private and he thinks it will remain secret forever, until Nathan the prophet brings it to light. Buckner’s error came from not controlling his glove, but David’s multiple errors come from not controlling his lust.

What is so powerful is David’s reaction once he is confronted about his lack of self-control. He responds with godly sorrow, sincere regret, and a desire to be right with God. He rests in God’s forgiveness and goodness and vows to tell others of His mercy. We all will fail to use self-control in our lives; the question is, “How will we respond?”

Today I will…ask God to send a truth-teller into my life to shine a light on my errors, and I will not only respond with godly sorrow, but also respond with a heart of praise and service to God. And I will be in awe of God’s mercy and grace, and thank Him with worship and service.