Baptism – Rest Easy – Keith Olbricht

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Exodus 14:19-29 On July 13, 2015, a devastating flood struck Johnson County, Kentucky. Almost seven inches of rain fell within

Baptism – Rest Easy – Keith Olbricht2017-07-31T20:27:31-05:00

Baptism – A New Life – Keith Olbricht

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE John 3:1-2 The marvels of God’s creation will never cease to amaze. Each year winter gradually transitions to spring, and

Baptism – A New Life – Keith Olbricht2017-07-31T20:22:03-05:00

Baptism – Shaking with Joy – Keith Olbricht

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Acts 16:22-34 During the winter of 1811-1812, the geological fault near New Madrid, Missouri, produced some of the strongest earthquakes

Baptism – Shaking with Joy – Keith Olbricht2017-07-31T20:20:20-05:00
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