TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Romans 3:21-26

On the day Jesus is resurrected from the grave, two disciples are traveling down a road on their way home to Emmaus. As they walk, a stranger joins them on the journey. The three begin to talk together about the recent news, and the two travelers express their discouragement to the stranger over what has just happened in Jerusalem regarding the death of Christ. They tell the stranger they’d hoped Jesus would be the one to redeem Israel. The stranger interrupts them and said, “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken! Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into His glory?” (Luke 24:26). He then goes on to interpret Old Testament Scriptures beginning with Moses and all the Prophets concerning the Christ. They are amazed at His teachings and eventually recognize the stranger as the resurrected Jesus.

I would love to have been on that road walking and talking with the Lord. Wouldn’t you? It would be amazing to have Jesus carefully explain to us that the main character in God’s story is the Christ. Thankfully we do have God’s Word, the Bible, which powerfully depicts the work and identity of the Messiah and unfolds in written word the grand narrative of God’s workings in the world.

The Bible is a book about Jesus. As Jesus explains that the centerpiece of divine revelation is the Christ, their hearts burn within them. They undoubtedly are hanging on His every word. Today, we can walk with the Lord on the road of faith and along the journey of God’s Word. After all, it’s only when we walk with the Lord along the road of life that we get to where we really want to go.

The disciples walking along that ancient path expect to simply arrive at their home in Emmaus. But sometimes the road leads to unexpected places. The road actually takes them to a new level of faith in Jesus. What happens on the path makes all the difference. You see, whenever we encounter Jesus along the way, our journey is affected. We want to allow the Lord to set the course and walk with us as we travel home. Where are the roads taking you?

Today, I will…walk with Jesus.