TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Hebrews 11:23-28
What will you be remembered for after you die? Some people will be remembered for great intellectual achievement. Others will be remembered for famous sporting records. People will be remembered for certain personal characteristics like being loving, kind, gracious, or funny. But how many of us will be remembered for those acts done by faith?

In Hebrews 11, there is a list of individuals who have acted by faith. Some of the great heroes of faith are mentioned in this chapter. The likes of Noah, Moses, Abraham, Rahab, and even Samson are highlighted. This chapter is a reminder of those who have persevered “by faith.” Acting by faith is a radical change in perspective for most people in the world. People will act because of selfishness, through kindness, and through dedication; but how often do people act because of their faith? This chapter notes that God honors those who take risks, accomplish great feats, and overcome doubt because of their strength of conviction in God. Faith is the ultimate motivation.

Moses is commended for his strong faith in Hebrews 11:23-28. In these five verses, the phrase “by faith” is stated four times. The first reference exemplifies the faith of Moses’ parents, and the last three references are concerning the faith of Moses. Think about all that Moses accomplished in his life. He was a highly successful man, but the acts that are mentioned by the Holy Spirit were motived through his faith. Moses refused the luxury of Egypt because of faith, he left his home because of faith, and he celebrated the first Passover because of faith. All of these difficult transitions were accomplished because of his resounding trust in God.

At the end of your life, how many of your great accomplishments will be achieved because of faith?

Today, I will…reflect on my motivations. How often is faith motivating me to act? What have I accomplished because of my faith?