TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Hebrews 10:19-25

Why do we “go to church”? Have you ever wondered? All the things we do at the church building on Sundays we can do without showing up. We can sing songs, pray, study the Bible, and even have communion at home in our pjs. We can drop a check off at the bank on our way to lunch. What’s the purpose of coming together?

Well, God made us and He knows more about us than we know about ourselves. He knows that since He made us to need fellowship, there would need to be some place for us to have good fellowship. He set up a system for us to have relationships with people we can help and can help us. We live in a world were negative things happen all around us and it is sometimes hard to be what we know we should be.

The Hebrews writer is talking to people who are questioning whether or not they should stay in Christianity. Many of those reading his letter had been Jews. They converted to a belief in Christ, but Jesus has not come back yet. Time has passed and the Jewish faith is still going strong. They are wondering if they have made the right decision. So this book sets out to convince these good people they have made the right decision and they are on the right path.

Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us why we need to be around other Christians. The writer warns them not to neglect or overlook the times they have to be together. When we come together we are encouraged. Have you ever had a bad day? Have you ever felt frustrated because there were people who did things you didn’t agree with and you could not do a lot about it? We come together to stir up love and good works.

The system God put in place for us is the church. Church is not something we go to, it is who we are. We need friendships, relationships, or fellowship with people who help us be better and make us stronger.

Today, I will…encourage someone who is a member of the church. I will tell them how much I appreciate them for something they have done. I will try to understand why God made the church.