TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Isaiah 52:7-12

Throughout the Scriptures the Gospel is represented as something to wait for, something to listen to, and something to obey, but it is also found in the form of a verb. Gospel is something that one does. Do you gospel? The good news in its verb form is a proclamation, an announcement. It is the communication of all those godly promises made real through the work of Jesus. It is the work of helping others recognize the arrival of a new era with a new kingdom and a new way of living. Once you have obeyed the Gospel (See Romans 6:2-11 for a crash course), then you must take up the mantle of gospelizing. Today we call it evangelizing.

Evangelism is the act of proclaiming the saving power of God. Naturally, when one truly receives good news, it is something that they want to share with others! When someone has a baby, they tell everyone they know! Phone calls are made, and texts are sent. They mail out birth announcements and post pictures all over Facebook. Now take a look around. Where are all the people evangelizing? Where are all the recipients of good news ready to share their good news with others? Can we follow in Andrew and Phillip’s footsteps (John 1:40-46)? The truth is that we can and must. We can go to others and share with them what we have found. Did you find acceptance? Did you find camaraderie? Did you find salvation? Did you find truth? Whatever you found, there is a way to enthusiastically share it with someone else. That is the cycle of the Gospel. It is pronounced, made real, obeyed, and pronounced again. The evangelist is not only the person who stands in the pulpit and has his name on a sign. The evangelist is you. The evangelist is me. We have the good news. Now it’s our turn to share.

Today, I will…choose at least one person with whom I will share the good news during this week.