TODAY’S SCRIPTURE 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

A faithful Father. A loving family. An unconditional love. A big hug when we get home. A guide for life. A forgiving word when we do wrong. An undying hope. A better way to live. A life-changing promise. All of this wrapped up into one package is just a glimpse of the immeasurable good news that comes from God in Christ Jesus. That’s what gospel means––good news. Different people will find different aspects of the Gospel that speak to that empty space in their heart. However, one thing is certain: Every single one of us has a space, and in that space fits one or more of the pieces of the good news of the kingdom of God.

Maybe at some point in our lives, we experience all of the different blessings of the Gospel. What are you experiencing now? Which promise or truth is most relevant in your life? Because our lives are dynamic, we experience God in different ways throughout our lifetime. For some He is the judge at the end of our time. For others He is the awesome Creator to be held in reverence from a distance. Later He might be the loving Father, and even later He may be the faithful friend who walks us home into the next life. The good news is like that, too. There may be a time when we are hungry for truth, and the Gospel provides. Maybe we crave heavenly wisdom, and again the Gospel comes through for us. The Gospel answers loneliness with a family and body. It brings peace to chaos. The good news replaces guilt with forgiveness, sin with holiness, and hatred with love. But perhaps the most powerful aspect of all is that the Gospel expels all fears and brings certainty that not even the worst horrors of this life can darken the hope we have in resurrection and eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Today, I will…meditate on the various ways I cling to the good news at this stage of my life and how it has changed from time to time. I will creatively engage others on this topic through social media.