TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Hebrews 4:1-16
Even if you have never been inside the Oval Office, you have likely seen pictures of the United States Presidential office. Its iconic shape and layout have been seen in pictures, movies, and even in re-creations located in Presidential museums. There are many places in the White House where you cannot walk without permission, and the Oval Office is one of the most protected. You cannot simply drop by and walk in; you must go through a screening process and have an appointment.
The same could be said for a king’s throne room in the ancient world. The book of Esther reveals that even the Queen of Persia was not free to come before the king without him holding out his scepter to allow her before him. Yet Hebrews 4:16 tells us we can come before the throne of God with confidence.
How is that possible? We know our sins, and we know God’s holiness. The answer is found in the description of God’s throne––the throne of grace. God’s grace and mercy are present to help us when we are in need. Chapter 4 focuses on the rest, eternal salvation, which Jesus gives us, and the end of the chapter reminds us of the help God gives us when we struggle.
We don’t have to stand outside the office door trying to talk our way in, and we don’t have to timidly force ourselves to walk into a throne room. We can walk before God with confidence––not in ourselves, but in His grace.
Today, I will…reflect on this verse from the song “And Can It Be”: “Boldly I come before Your throne, to claim Your mercy, immense and free. No greater love will e’er be known, for O my God it found out me!”²



2 This verse is from the modern devotional song, which is based in large part on a hymn penned by Charles Wesley.