TODAY’S SCRIPTURE 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

Everyone thought it would happen eventually; they just didn’t think it would happen yet. Shaking from the pains of a vicious and terrible death of a friend, we grieve together, and we hurt for the ways things should have gone differently. But mostly, we keep asking God “Why?” Death has a real sting to it with our friend there in the grave. And so as we huddle together trying to figure out what will become of this situation, we remind ourselves of God’s covenant promises. One day, just like the prophet Daniel teaches, the dead will rise again (Daniel 12:1-3). The righteous especially will awaken to life and blessing, shining like the stars of the universe. We picture seeing our friend again on that day, and we feel a little better. On some day yonder in the sweet by and by, we hope things will be different, and we hope we will see him again.

But on the third day, Jesus did not stay dead. He conquered death and squashed it under his foot like a bug. He didn’t timidly pick the lock on death’s chains; He blasted them off like dynamite. The world thought it was moving along with business as usual, but the world got interrupted. The future began breaking into the present, and God started something new.

Jesus brings us hope, because we already know where the story is going. Paul could endure being thrown in prison, beaten, lied about, and experiencing every form of mistreatment, because after he knew that Jesus could not be held by death, there was truly nothing left to fear. Paul celebrates the resurrection, because it means that our work in this life for God is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58). Because our acts of faith will go with us, we are emboldened. The surprising news of resurrection is not a belief in life after death. We already knew that was coming. The truly great news of resurrection is that we can believe in meaningful life before death. The source of our hope will not disappoint us (Romans 5:5).

Today, I will…take a moment to examine my life and what it is I’m allowing myself to fear. I will remember Jesus’ resurrection and know that I have hope, even now, in every situation.