TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Colossians 3:12

For as many years as I can remember, I have heard that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. No doubt, a soldier, a nurse, baseball player, or a football player each wears a uniform that reflects his or her role in society.

Spiritually, children of God are to dress to match our new identity in Jesus Christ. Put on is a command that emphasizes the Colossians’ need to clothe themselves with the virtues that follow in the text.²

One of the spiritual garments in the Christian’s wardrobe is kindness. This virtue of kindness is being ready to do good to others, being helpful, or being a helper or benefactor. It is practicing what is generally called the “Golden Rule.” It involves a wholesome attitude toward others and a willingness to help them.

While kindness involves having the right attitude, it is an action that arises from a sense of love, compassion, and a desire to be Christ-like in spirit. A note of encouragement, phone call, text, an email, offers of help, and many other avenues are illustrations of kindness.

However, kindness may also occur through confrontation. Years ago, a friend who had toured the Bible lands told me about seeing a shepherd throw a rock, hitting one of the sheep on the head. “That was not kind” was the immediate comment made to the guide. Quickly the guide replied, “But it was kind! That sheep was about to wander onto the road where it would have been hit by the bus that just passed us.”

Kindness does not always mean absence of conflict in a relationship. As we strive to lovingly and compassionately help others to overcome that which is wrong in their lives, we can share a great act of kindness.

Today, I will…keep in mind that kindness is important because it is a defining characteristic of being a new person in Christ. Grasping this truth will motivate me to be more aware of being kind to others in attitude and action!

² Owen D. Olbricht and Bruce McLarty, Colossians and Philemon (Searcy, AR: Resource Publications, 2005) 354.