TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Matthew 13:24-43

Will someone give me some simple teachings about what the kingdom is like? Jesus says, “Certainly.” Matthew 13 runs over with short teachings of what the kingdom is like. The purpose of parables is to gain spiritual knowledge by using simple earthly lessons. Grab your Bible, read a parable, and learn what the kingdom is like. But remember yesterday’s devotional: we should take these teachings of the kingdom to heart, seek to understand them, and apply them to who we are and what we do.

Consider the parable in Matthew 13:24-30. The kingdom of Heaven is like a man who sowed good seed, but while he slept the enemy sowed weeds. Do you wonder what Jesus means by these words? The disciples did as well and ask him privately for further explanation. Read Matthew 13:36-43 for Jesus’ continuation. Jesus is the sower. The seeds are the sons of the kingdom. The weeds or tares are the followers of the devil. On the final day of Judgment, the “harvest,” God’s angels will separate good and evil. The separating process is not dependent upon us. This passage isn’t discounting the importance of church discipline as it pertains to fellowship, but it does reveal that we ultimately do not put people in or out of the kingdom. God does this. God is the one who knows us and will judge us.

Today I will…read Matthew 13:31-32 to consider how the kingdom grows. Matthew 13:33 will teach how important Christian contact with unsaved people is for them to be saved. Matthew 13:44-46 will teach the value of the kingdom. Matthew 13:4750 teaches how the church is to reach out to all while being aware that some who seem to come to Christ will not completely submit to the King. The judgment of God will reveal such hypocrisy. In conclusion, as you read Matthew 13:44-46, will you meditate on how much you value the kingdom? Will your overwhelming appreciation for God’s kingdom move you to share this treasure with others? You don’t have to sort out everyone’s motives or cast final judgment. The King will do that.