I am the kind of guy who learns best by watching. I like to see how something is done and learn from the experience. When it comes to our understanding of God’s love, He gives us the best life-sized model of love — His only Son! Never has there been a better example of what love looks like than Jesus Christ.
In the incarnation of Christ, we are able to catch a front row seat to the greatest love story of all time. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” The selfless love of Christ brings us hope and forgiveness, and it also demonstrates love embodied.

As Paul writes to the Christians at Philippi, he addresses selfishness in the congregation and the strife it produces. What is his response to the rift? Love right. Look at Christ’s love. Look at His selfless nature that empties His rights for ours. Look at the servant heart and humility. Realize that this kind of love was Christ’s choice. He chose it and modeled it for us.
Though we often see love as a warm and fuzzy feeling, if you have lived long enough you know that love is mainly a choice. Love is not always a pleasure-filled fantasyland. In 1975, a band coincidentally named Nazareth recorded a song that captures an important reality, “Love Hurts.” It certainly did for the one who came from Nazareth. It will for you too when you embody His love in your heart.

How is love spelled?

Just as I am –– He loved me
Endured great pain to purchase my pardon
Saved my soul from the sin that held me captive
Utterly transformed all that I am and all that matters to me
Showed me that His love helps me to share true love with those wondering if real love exists.

Love does exist and it’s spelled J-E-S-U-S.
Today, I will… seek to “let this mind be in [me] that was also in Christ Jesus.” Lord, help me to be more selfless. Help me to model His humility. Help me imitate His obedience. Help me to be found looking out for the interests of others as He so perfectly demonstrated for us.