TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Genesis 6–7; 2 Peter 2:5

Can you imagine a world so corrupt and evil where every thought and intention is on evil to the point that God would say He was sorry He made man? Genesis records a time like the one I just described that was so terrible that God decides He is going to wash the planet of them by bringing a great flood of water upon the earth. So He causes the great fountains of the deep to burst open and the floodgates of the sky to open, and rain falls upon the earth for forty days and forty nights. But standing out brightly in the midst of wickedness is one man who finds favor in Lord’s eyes, because he is righteous, blameless in his age, and walks with God. So God commands Noah to build an ark of gopher wood, which his family would enter and be saved. God would save a remnant of His greatest work of creation––man.

But Noah is something else; he is a preacher of righteousness for 120 years (2 Peter 2:5). But what is his message? Is his message found in his words or in his life? I’m convinced that Noah demonstrates a righteous lifestyle by the words he uses and the conduct of his life. No doubt he and his family stand out like beacons of righteousness in stark contrast to the darkness of the wicked society they live in. No one could point a finger at Noah because of his lifestyle. Now they may have questioned his sanity in building a great ship, but not the righteous reign of his lifestyle. Just as Noah heralded righteousness in his day, we are called to let righteousness reign in our lives as well. Never forget, the world is ever listening to the words we use and watching how we conduct our lives. Who knows what doors might be opened because of our reign?

Today, I will…let righteousness reign in my life, in the way I think, speak, and act, and I will watchfully look for an open door to tell people it is not too late to be saved.