Have you ever lost something? I mean really lost something. I’m not talking about misplacing your glasses, watch, wallet, or mobile phone, but something of great intrinsic value worth more than anything to your soul. Who hasn’t gone to the grocery store with small children, become engrossed searching for an item on the rack only to look around and discover that your small child has disappeared? Talk about a moment of fear, paralyzation, and panic! Frantically you begin to search with laser-like focus on finding that child. And, once found, you don’t know whether to scold, swat, hug, or kiss them; but one thing you will certainly do — rejoice!

Well, Jesus tells three parables in our text today about three people who have lost something extremely valuable to them. There is no end to the lengths, effort, or emotional grief they would experience in searching for that which is lost and when found, great is their rejoicing. But Jesus isn’t really talking about a lost sheep, a lost coin, or a lost son. He is talking about lost souls in need of being found and saved. You see, Jesus’ primary mission in life is to seek and save the lost! That too is our mission — to go, if need be, into the wilderness, or turning the neighborhood upside down, or eagerly searching for that one person that makes a move toward home.

Today, I will…visualize a lost soul being found and all Heaven rejoicing. I will pray “God please give me a heart that is focused on seeking and saving the lost, in Jesus name, amen.”