The congregation that I attended as a child had two signs on the auditorium doors. One sign read “Enter to Worship” and the other “Depart to Serve.” I was always inquisitive about these signs, but no one ever explained them to me or talked about them. It was not until years later after an in-depth study of Isaiah 6 that I truly understood the meaning of those two signs.

Theology and worship are intertwined and should always lead to practical living. Paul has this example in almost all of his letters in some form or fashion. This is because an in-depth study of what God has done for us through Christ should lead us to live out our faith in this world, not only as an evangelistic tool, but because He has called us to do it.
In today’s text Paul starts off with a theological reminder that believers in Crete have been redeemed by Christ and that redemption goes beyond saving man from sins. Since we have been redeemed and are now able to stand before God without fear of wrath, we are a special people. God has always had His special people and the church today is no different. Redemption is how we are brought back to God and placed in His church. Yet, we are still called to live in this world, and God has given us special instructions. We are not to live like the world, but “renounce all ungodliness and worldly pleasure” (vs. 12).

Being redeemed means we have ethical obligations in this life that guide our every move, but also we are to be “zealous for good works” (vs. 14). We are not to do good works simply because they are expected from Christians, but because Christ redeemed us and we ought to do good. Being “zealous for good works” should be second nature to a Christian. It is to be done without thinking about what self is going to get out of it. God has called us to be a special people who are “zealous for good works.”

Today, I will…reflect on some of the good works I have done this week and evaluate the motive behind them. Furthermore, if I have a hard time remembering them, I must evaluate to see if this is because good works are second nature or if I missed opportunities to do good.