TODAY’S SCRIPTURE 1 Timothy 4:16

What is the greatest invention or innovation? That question brings about many answers: sliced bread, cheeseburgers, electricity, chainsaw, chocolate pie, automobiles, antibiotics…. This answer differs from person to person and what time period they live or lived in.

One of the greatest inventions is something we take for granted. It is the television remote control. Most of us use it everyday, and if we lose it, we will tear the house apart looking for it because it is a convenient––some would say necessary––part of our lives. Most of the new televisions require a remote control just to be turned on.

A remote control allows us to change channels, change volumes, mute the sound, turn the power on and off, and control the DVR. There is a lot of power in that small device, and whoever holds this device in the house holds much power. That is why siblings will sometimes fight over it. In a world where we can control so little, there is a power in being in control of something, even if it is just a television.

There are many times that I would love for a remote control to work on other people. I would love for a remote to work on others so I could mute them, change their attitudes, change their outlook, or possibly cause them to sleep or wake up on command.

What God has called us to control is not the weather or other people. He has called us to control ourselves. Paul tells Timothy to pay attention to yourself and to the doctrine. Why? Because if we just teach others how to be faithful but don’t live out our faith, we will not only damage others but will lose our own souls.

Today I will…apply God’s remote control to myself and stop trying to control others. I will allow His Word to direct my path and pray to see myself more clearly.