Do you ever limit yourself? Do you ever worry that you aren’t measuring up to the potential God has planned for your life?

A common phrase tossed to and fro is “wasted talent.” No one wants to feel like they’ve “wasted” what they could have been or what they should be. But it can happen, and it does happen.

Paul says that we can do the same with worship — we can “waste” it by limiting worship’s reach into our lives.
To be fair, any worship we offer God with the right method and motive (“spirit and truth,” John 4:24) isn’t worthless, but we do “waste” worship when we don’t understand the full depth of what we should be doing.

Paul argues in this passage that life, in and of itself, is an expression of worship. We are to become “living sacrifices” — we are to place our existence on God’s altar. We are to give up what we want for what God wants. For this is the only way that we can truly understand what God’s will is — His good, pleasing, and perfect will.

Don’t neglect worshiping with your church family on the Lord’s Day. But don’t ignore daily devotion either. They’re equally important. God wants to transform our lives through daily sacrifice. Anything less is “wasted.”

Today, I will…run from wasted worship. I won’t allow my “worship” to be confined to a one-hour worship week. It will pour into the way I live physically, emotionally, and financially. I will become a “living sacrifice.”