TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Matthew 14:32-33

Have you ever received great news? A gift you didn’t deserve? Rescue from a terrible situation?

When you did, what was your first response?

Call a friend? Post on Facebook? Enjoy a celebration dinner? These are all natural responses when things go our way, but there’s a greater choice and a holier response. Worship.

In Matthew 14, Jesus has just saved the lives of His apostles after a ferocious storm on the Sea of Galilee. None of them believe they would survive, but Jesus proves that with Him all things are possible. It’s interesting that when He does, the Apostles handle this situation correctly, because so many times they don’t. After the winds die down, Scripture says, “…those in the boat worshiped Him, saying, ‘Truly, you are the Son of God’” (Matthew 14:33).

When good things happen, this should be our first response. When the promotion comes — when the diagnosis is clear — when the trouble is triumphed — worship should be our natural reflex. Not because Jesus has to bless us to prove who He is, but since He is who He is, He deserves our blessing.

Today, I will…make an effort to worship God for every good thing in my life. I will remember that God has blessed me beyond measure. I won’t allow a day to go by without saying, “Thank you.”