Is it possible for something as precious as worship to become poisonous for our souls? Can something reserved for God become a culprit for our condemnation? The Bible indicates that it can.

We see it come to light in Stephen’s history-making speech, minutes before he’s stoned. As his life is slipping away, Stephen mentions Moses, Israel, and idols. In the days of the desert, Israel chose to worship a “god” they made with their hands, while the God who made them with His watched and waited. Due to their choice, Stephen says that God “gave them up.” Worship became Israel’s destruction.

How easy it is for us to shine our “worship” on the undeserving. Sports, money, fame, and promotions step into the ray that belongs to the Father of light. When we exalt these things, our focus is in the wrong on place on the wrong power. And if we don’t change our hearts, “worship” will become our destruction. For what we glorify is no longer pure, but poisonous.

Today, I will…make a conscious effort to re-dedicate my energy to the only worthy recipients — God the Father and Jesus the Son. They will receive all of my praise.