When it comes to worship, it’s simple to assemble, but it’s even easier to forget why we’re there. We might assemble because we know it’s God’s expectation for us (Hebrews 10:25). We might gather for edification that stems from beautiful voices praising the Lord (Ephesians 5:19). Worship may even be the social crux of our week, for Sunday is the day when we don’t have to sit at home by ourselves.

These are common, even satisfactory, motives for worship. But from the days of old, the psalmist of Psalm 95 magnifies worship’s majesty.

What’s our main purpose for assembling? He is our God — we are His people — the flock under His care.

Where else would we go? What else would we do? Nothing compares to this sacred time with the Creator.

He is our God — He deserves it.

We are His people — we believe it.

We are His flock — we need it.

Don’t forget the beauty of worship’s majesty. Each time we approach Jehovah, we’re kneeling in awe before our Maker.

Today, I will…realize why worship is so majestic. With this sweet privilege, I come before the One who made me and designed me. He is my God. I am His child. There’s no better way to spend my time.