Worship – Wasted Worship? – Jacob Hawk

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Romans 12:1-2 Do you ever limit yourself? Do you ever worry that you aren’t measuring up to the potential God

Worship – Wasted Worship? – Jacob Hawk2017-07-04T13:46:08-05:00

Worship – Worship in Sorrow – Jacob Hawk

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE 2 Samuel 12:19-20 In diametric opposition to yesterday’s thought, God doesn’t expect us to worship Him solely in the good

Worship – Worship in Sorrow – Jacob Hawk2017-07-04T13:44:12-05:00

Worship – Worship in Joy – Jacob Hawk

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Matthew 14:32-33 Have you ever received great news? A gift you didn’t deserve? Rescue from a terrible situation? When you

Worship – Worship in Joy – Jacob Hawk2017-07-04T13:41:01-05:00

Worship – Worship’s Majesty – Jacob Hawk

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE Psalm 95:6-7 When it comes to worship, it’s simple to assemble, but it’s even easier to forget why we’re there.

Worship – Worship’s Majesty – Jacob Hawk2017-07-04T13:36:39-05:00
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